A circle back might be what is needed.

LOOK WHOOO is back...

So, it has been years that I have written in blog form. My form is still messy. My punctuation is still awful. But a new "look" is happening. So, albeit time has passed, and my kids are growing up, are LoUdEr, smellier and one in college (gAsP!)...some things do remain the same.

I was gone for a bit and have decided to make my way back...being gone does not mean I lacked any sort of rants. I just have them stacked up now.

FOR example a good rant: People/Carts/Rearranging of a loved store. What what causes someone to leave a cart in the middle or side of an aisle and travel across said aisle to look at products thus, blocking the whole aisle? I get it. it happens. BUT When you are used to going into your local loved

Target and knowing where everything is...And find it is under a massive turnover and they are rearranging...and then are blocked from just grabbing an item...it could put a dIzZy person like myself over the edge. PEOPLE. You are not alone in Target. Move Move move...I need to get to all things on my list and the 1,000's items that are not. (those1,000's items are happening more often now that they made the "make-up" section seem more desirable. It looks like a real department store. People (me) go through the sections and feel "regal" when it is the same old Suave/Neutrogena. damn, side tracked off my rant of people being in the way. Maybe they are helping me to stop being a look loo. Never mind Target wins. Kudos Target. Kudos.

Enough of my example or lack of...BUT know I am coming back. Having sent my first born off to school I have all new feelings and can't believe how fast that happened. I will make that my first post tomorrow.


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