Hello, this is Snot a Rant

So a few years back I started a little blog. At a time my 5 were nothing but snot and diapers.

Time moved fast,  and my blog did not keep up.
NOW with the long days of life, I think that there is no better time to return. 

No one is in diapers anymore.

No one listens, so that remains the same.

We are louder.

All teens and too smart for their own good.

yes. now. maybe someone out there will listen to my rants.

17, 14, 14, 14, &12...don't have ears that listen.

Jen Read

Haus Frau

mmm me. 

I have terrible punctuation, I rant on like I know something, and WELL...humor makes the world easier somedays.

mom of 5 humans, two dogs, "Grandmom" to a guinea pig, husband, and no real skills for any of the above.